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Birth Story – Willem

It had been a long wait, but Saturday morning at 41+6 I had a feeling it would be over soon. My midwife arrived around lunchtime for an antenatal appointment and we discussed my options. She mentioned that as of midnight Sunday they wouldn’t allow me to have a home birth, what changes at midnight I do not know but I did know I would deal with that when and if it arrived. We talked about going into hospital on the Monday morning for an induction or for fetal stress monitoring. As I knew things were happening I decided I would go ahead with the stretch and sweep being offered, baby in my mind was clearly ready.

As the afternoon progressed the contractions became more regular and we decided it would be a good time for a walk. Unfortunately, it was carnival day and this meant there was an unusual large amount of people around so we have a lot of stopping and chatting. Mainly starting with the words ‘have you not had that baby yet?’, we smiled and carried on. The time came to send Roran and Rufus to my mums for the night, it was strange to send my baby away knowing the next time I see him he will be a big brother. He clearly wasn’t bothered and loved the idea of a sleepover at Nanny’s.  We ate dinner and I went bed.

I woke about half ten and had a bath to help ease my aches, I put on my music and at this point realised the issue with using the same device for my music and contraction timer. I tried to relax and used my vanilla candles as a birth anchor. Around 11pm Rob rang labour ward as we felt things were progressing and we soon had a phone call back from the midwife who explain she was just going bed so would get to us asap but it may be an hour. She arrived at midnight between Saturday and Sunday. She immediately gave me the impression she was uncomfortable with home births and put me on edge, if I could go back I would have set her away. Her first concern was my dates and I had to explain that (in theory) I still had another 24 hours before my home birth wasn’t allowed. However, if that was the case I wasn’t going in anyway.

My first examination told us I was around 6 to 7cms dilated, and our midwife felt it would be wise to call the second midwife sooner rather than later. I went downstairs to the room I had prepared, for the birth, with fairy lights and candles. However, my midwife went in the other room and started asking question so I just followed her. I never did use my purpose made birth space. The second midwife had arrived by 2am, and with the support of my husband I felt I was coping well. I found that standing was a great position for me, but also moving around help in between my contractions. There was a lot of discussion about me between the two midwives but not a lot with me, which was irritating. I choose to ignore it and carry on thinking about me for a while longer. Around half two I started to use the gas and air hoping things may progress.

My next examination showed I was around 8cms and still the midwives discussed me. They were talking about whether to artificial rupture my membranes or waters (ARM). At the time I remember thinking yes just do it, but I got bored so decided to go toilet. It was then I spotted me bed, my freshly made bed with clean sheets and I thought to myself I am going bed. So I did. I got into bed around 4am, the midwives came running up and Rob told them I was fine and that I wanted to sleep. I dozed for around 20 minutes, I heard conversations, but I rested and I don’t recall any contractions at this time. When I woke the midwives finally discussed the ARM, I agreed to the procedure.

Afterwards I was examined and it was discovered that I had de-dilated. I was now only 4cms, I felt deflated. My first midwife became concerned and wanted to ring labour ward, the second explained to her, not me, that it must have been my bulging waters that had made it look like I was further dilated than I was. At this point I remember hearing about women going backwards and thought no I can carry on. It was around 4.40 am and I wanted to move. Rob went to start a bath. I told the second midwife I felt different and she told me it was because my waters had gone, but I knew that feeling. I remembered it from last time. She suggested I try to toilet, so I waddled to the bathroom and tried to sit but couldn’t. This was the point that she realised I was beginning to crown. We moved back to the bedroom, why I don’t know, and the first midwife tried to get me to lay down I insisted on kneeling.1001151_10151721503001221_1463425969_n

This was it my baby as moments away and I became impatient. I tried to fight my body and get them here sooner, I became very light headed and panicky.  At this point Rob told me to concentrate on my breath, it’s a moment I won’t forget, he brought me back down and calmed me with those words. I looked at him and let my body take control, I don’t recall pushing or bearing down but I gave birth in those next few minutes to my second beautiful boy. It was amazing. He arrived at 5.08 am, less than hour after I had been told I was only 4cms. A healthy 7lb 10oz, the midwife told me she felt that he was no way almost two weeks past his due date.