Baby Albert March 2015

At 37 weeks my midwife sent me to KGH to be monitored by fetal health due to high blood pressure. I was sent home the same day but had daily visits from the midwife to keep an eye on things. Unfortunately my blood pressure continued to rise and other signs of preeclampsia appeared  over the following weeks.
 I was asked to stay in hospital over night on Sunday 1st March and the following day the doctor explained that it was best that I was induced. This began with a pessary being inserted. Quite quickly mild contractions started, I remembered to stay active taking walks around the ground and doing exercises on the birthing ball. 24 hours later this was removed and I was told I was 3-4cm dilated and ready to have my waters broken.
Unfortunately the hospital was very busy during my stay with a lot of emergencies arriving, due to this I was waiting to have my waters broken from Tuesday until Friday. Obviously being in hospital while heavily pregnant and seeing lots of emergencies happening around me was a very stressful time, the breathing techniques and finding my own zone was extremely useful for both myself and my partner.
Finally on Friday 6th March at 9am I was told there was a bed for me on labour ward and I was ready to have my waters broken. I packed up my stuff and was taken straight down. By 12.30pm the doctor had broken my waters, she told me I was actually only 2cm dilated and that my labour would be long and painful! This is not what I wanted to hear after such a long week! She wanted to put me on a drip straight away to start contractions and get an epidural set up as she thought it would be needed. I was not comfortable with this and remembered that I had been told that I had a choice. I explained I did not want an epidural without trying things without first.
Within minutes of my waters being broken contractions started fast and hard, by the time they had set up the drip (to start contractions) the midwife decided it was not needed as my body had taken control. I was strapped to monitor which made it difficult to move around too much so I made sure I was lying on my left side rather than my back. Roughly 2 hours later I told the midwife I needed to push, she told me this was very unlikely as contractions hadn’t been going for long enough. She explained that she didn’t want to examine me until she was sure there would have been movement. However, after doing the body scan I was sure i was ready to push. The midwife did examine me at this point and to her surprise I was fully dilated and she could see my baby’s head! She decided to cancel the epidural the doctor had recommend as I had got to this point just using gas and air and my breathing techniques. I was so pleased I hadn’t agreed to this right at the start.  I put the gas and air down as I wanted to fully focus on my own breath counting to 10 each time while pushing. 45 minutes of pushing and my gorgeous baby boy arrived at 3.13pm.
I was so happy I had attended your course, it saved me from having an unnecessary epidural and helped to keep me calm during a long build up. It wasn’t the long labour the doctor predicted, it just goes to show that everyone’s body works in different ways and certain things can’t be assumed.
Not everything went to plan but I would do it all again tomorrow for the safe arrival of my little boy Albert!
Thank you again for sharing the great techniques, it helped at every stage of labour!