For a calm and confident birth

MummyNatal is an empowering birth programme, completely inline with all The Natal Family core ethics and ethos— promoting informed choice, non-judgmental & unbiased education. In a nutshell, MummyNatal doesn’t teach the right or wrong way, just finding your own way!

This means rather than teaching specific techniques to use in labour at certain points, or teaching the way that labour ‘should’ be, MummyNatal supports mums-to-be to tune into what their birth experience is, focusing simply on the present moment (not thinking ahead to even the next contraction) and finding confidence and acceptance. Weekly classes include mindful meditation exercises each week, breathing practice (we don’t teach lots of breathing ‘techniques’), birth ball exercise (a favourite in classes with mums – so practical, yet can be as relaxing or upbeat as required!) exercises for encouraging baby into optimum position for birth, managing intense sensation exercises, birth physiology and birth choices education.

What is unique about MummyNatal is that it is designed to encourage women to trust themselves and listen to what they need to do, as every birth is individual. Women can feel that they have ‘failed’ if their birth was not a quiet serene birth, if they didn’t use a specific technique which they had been taught, or if they didn’t have a specific birth outcome. Every birth is individual and MummyNatal Practitioners help demystify the process and options, build mums’ confidence and help them find their own way.

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