Birth of Megan and Mason, May 2015

It’s hard to know where to start. It has been, a roller-coaster of a year. It all started back in June 2014. I went for my first 12 week scan. We announced on Facebook and told my family that we were expecting our 2nd baby. I started making plans in my head. I was going to try for a home water birth. I wanted to have all the options available to me. All was going well. We went to a wedding, of a family friend, in July 2014. I started bleeding heavy. An ambulance was called but sadly our baby had died

I’d had a miscarriage. The hospital I was at could not have been more helpful. I gave birth to our baby on the 21st of July 2014. We came home and found support from a group called SANDS. Whom helped me learn, to make my loss bearable.

This was a tough year, but with support from SANDS and my family. I was able to find a little peace. After much discussion with my husband, we decided to try again, we weren’t prepared for getting pregnant so quickly. We was apprehensive and excited at the same time.

We found out I was expecting in November of 2014. I just went day by day. I was very apprehensive. Every twinge or slight pain. I would be asking all the time was this ok. Then it came to the 12 week scan. After what I had been through, just to hear a heartbeat was ok with me. My mum was with me, as my husband had to work. We were called in. I could not look at the screen. I just remember the sonographer saying, “are you ready for this, there are two babies.”

After much jumping around, hugs and tears. She managed to get our first pictures. Family were told and we were all excited. From then on it all went well. At around 16 weeks I signed up with Kate Hughes. To her MummyNatal class. She taught me about relaxing and breathing. Plus any questions I had, she would inform me of all my options.

We did make the decision to have a hospital birth, It felt right for us. At about 30 weeks, I was going to hospital twice weekly for monitoring. I did develop gestational diabetes, this was controlled through my diet. All was going well until are last scan at 35 weeks. The consultant started looking at the babies and announced that Twin 1, whom we now known was Mason, was head down.

I squeezed my husband hand, as this meant i could try for a virginal birth. Then the silence came. It felt like ages the consultant said. ” How quickly could you come in”. It turned out both were fine, but my diabetes had masked the fact Megan was smaller than what i had been told. Plus Masons placenta was calcifiing.

With making arrangements with parents. Morgan our eldest, was in good hands. I was admitted to hospital. I was given two steriod injections. They are not a bee sting. They hurt, a lot. I thought i would be going home the next day, to be given an appointment for a c section. Nope, next thing i know, I’m being told that i was having my babies on Friday 29th May 2015.

I woke up that morning feeling very nervous. All I could do to keep myself calm was use the breathing techniques Kate had taught me. Plus I kept hearing her words of calm she always gave at the end of her lessons.

I was told I would be having the c section in the morning and I would be back on the ward that afternoon. As it is always the way, this did not happen. Due to emergencies, I didn’t go down till late afternoon. My midwifes were very impressed on how calm I was. I went to theatre at 5pm and by 6pm. Mason Dylan Green and Megan Gwyneth Green. Were born.

Mason was 5lb 7 and Megan was 4lb 8. Both healthy and crying there eyes out. Reuben managed to cut the cord of one of the twins. I was holding them almost straight away. Skin to skin, just as i had asked and written down in my birth plan.

Feeding was a struggle at first as they had to be supplemented with formula but once my milk came in, I was able to provide the right amount to feed them with.

Mason and Megan are now 4 months old. They are both nearly 12lb each. It has been hard at times, we are getting there. I learn something different about them every day. I keep having to remind myself that they are here.

We have signed up with Kate for baby massage. Im already starting to see how this helps me and the babies. I would love to thank Kate for all her helpful techniques and information. It has helped me alot even now,. When i find myself needing to calm down, after a long day, I will use the meditation lessons. I’m sorry by birth journey is long. It has been great writing it but Thank you for reading.